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I just wanted to thank Rosalyn for my clearing and reading recently. All of her help has been just amazing! She takes the time to personalize anything I need to address and make sure I understanding everything that's going on, and address areas of concern or question so I easily resonate with it. The last session completely blew me away. The very next day my months-long physical ailment was GONE. Doctors couldn't figure what it was but her clearing impacted me very deeply. She is for real, and she deeply cares for everyone from her heart. I highly recommend he services and wonderful gifts I know she is eager to share!! She really can help you to seek out and BE the best YOU that you can be!! Until next time....keep up the great work Rosalyn!! Love and appreciate you!!

L.J. - Connecticut, US

Rosalyn's intuition is spot on. I received a card reading from her yesterday and from the moment you meet her you can feel her love and positive energy for what she does. The reading was both informative and reassuring. Rosalyn also gave me some tips for ways that I could help myself based off of what came up in the reading. As an intuitive myself it's great to be able to connect with someone who is really able to tap into your energy and speak from a place of love and understanding. I would whole heartedly recommend Rosalyn to anyone wanting to receive some clarity and guidance in any aspect of their life. Xx

Bristol, United Kingdom

When I joined Rosalyn's program I had just finished up a year of therapy. While therapy was necessary for me to learn the "whys" of my anxiety and depression I was left struggling with the "hows". "How do I learn to cope?" "How do I learn to grow?" "How do I change my negative thoughts?" "How do I become the person I am meant to be?". Thankfully, Rosalyn had the answers. With crippling fear on my side, Rosalyn walked me through her program and taught me how to accept what my truth is, and disregard toxic conditioning.

A major concern for me was centered around my sleep, which has always been turbulent and rarely ever restful. My anxiety keeps my body panicked and alert; making sleep my enemy in the past, but within the first few weeks Rosalyn's program gave me my first full night of peaceful rest - words can't express how desperately I needed that. Some days were worst than others, but I was plagued with fear and she gave me tools to heal myself. She helped me restore my power in the struggle between myself and my anxiety/depression. I have never felt more in control. If you're struggling with the dark parts of your life, Rosalyn can truly show you the light.

A.D. - Josephine, TX

I wanted to say thanks again. My client that I coach was able to run a distance PR of 50 miles on December 1st. I really believe that the mindshift and brain training that I had with you was like a trampoline for me to slingshot my coaching and my training to a whole new level. I love everything you taught me. It changed me.

F.B. - Frisco, TX

"OMG...I have known Rosalyn for some time but never tried Reiki with her before. (Also, I have taken the basic Reiki course - and in spite of that I didn't believe in it). For the past week or so, I had severe headaches. I was under a lot of stress but didn't know better than to take medication. I just happen to meet Rosalyn and share about my headaches. She did an impromptu quick 20 min session - in the back of my van. And even during the session, I was doubtful. But when the session got over it was as if a huge load was taken off my back. Thanks so much for helping me reduce my stress and making me a believer!"


"Rose, Rose, Rose...you are a magician. I am headache free since your Reiki session and I am a convert. Have been telling everyone about you n Reiki...Will definitely let my friend know n would love for her to try it."

U.S. - Plano, TX

"Can't say enough! All around wonderful experience. I felt energy/tingling in my hands (same feeling I have when I get acupuncture). Pretty cool how that can happen remotely and with a great distance. I'm in Ohio and Rosalyn is in Texas. During and and after my session I felt very relaxed and calm. I spoke with Rosalyn afterwards and she was full of wisdom and insight. I'm looking forward to my next remote Reiki session with Rosalyn. Highly recommend!"

S.D. - Ohio

"Amazing that I could 'feel' when Ros was working on my painful areas - low back and hips. I felt a warmth and peacefulness all over. In addition I felt heat and vibrating at the most painful site, my right hip! She is a most loving and competent healer! Thank you Rosalyn!"

F.B. - Canada

"Just finished a long distance Reiki session with Rosalyn. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about how effective a hands free session would be. My reservation was completely dispelled once Rosalyn began. Not only was I relaxed and very centered but a problem muscle pull was no longer bothersome. I highly recomend this magical experience."

D.S., Woodridge, IL

"Awesome experience! I felt a calmness during our session and clarity of mind. So relaxing and peaceful. Definitely recommend Rosalyn and can't wait to go back."

D.A. - Murphy, TX

"I had never had a Reiki session before but was fascinated by it.  Rosalyn did not disappoint! Her energy was great from the moment she walked in. I felt so relaxed and energized at the same time. The feeling stayed with me all day too! Since I had no basis of what was going to happen I can only say I can't wait to go back to her again. This calm and centered feeling was a gift and I'm so thankful to her for learning and practicing to become as much of a healer as she is. Have recommended her to all of my family and friends as well!

A.M. - Richardson, TX

"The swelling in my knee is down and my sinuses are clear. I'm extremely happy about it!"

R.J., Heath, TX

"Rosalyn has great insight and abilities. After just one session, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am much clearer on my goals. I'm feeling much more optimistic and happier than I've been in a while. Thank you Rosalyn!"

K.K. - Frisco, TX

"When I made the choice to join Rosalyn's program I was struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic illness. I was reluctant to believe that she would be able to ease any pain physical or emotional, but was proven wrong very shortly into her program. Rosalyn taught me the connection between my heart and mind, how to meditate and essentially gave me the tools to heal myself and cope. I went from daily feelings of defeat to daily feelings of peace. My heart and my body have relief for the first time in years and for once I feel like I'm in control. Thank you, Rosalyn, for a new way of living.

Wylie, TX