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How I Became a Reiki Healer

I think I just sat here for 15 minutes staring at the screen trying to figure out how to explain the unfolding. There are aspects to this I am wondering about omitting for the sake of, well, plausibility. But I imagine if you're reading about Reiki you already have somewhat of an open mind and believe in possibilities and not just probabilities. Perhaps some of what I tell you resonates on some level. In recent months I have found that more and more people I meet are experiencing shifts in their lives that leave them open to inner work and transformation. And in the middle of my own life transition, I found myself in this place of continuous deep healing. My own experiences made me want to help others. I just didn't know what that would look like or what I would use to do that.

A couple years ago I had a spiritual reading from Lorie Johnson. You might know her from the show Ghosts of Shepherdstown. She nailed A LOT in the reading but then told me something unexpected - that I am a healer. My response was, "What? You mean, because I am a nurse." She said, "No. You're a healer. You've always been. Yes, you're a nurse but that's just the path." She went on to describe some details about what she saw in the future before I hit a certain age. Then she said, "But I don't want you to dwell upon this because then you end up designing and we don't want that. Just let it come." Needless to say, I was a bit dumbfounded.

I only remembered this conversation AFTER I signed up to take the level one Reiki course. I had forgotten about what she said and then a year later while I was sitting at work something hit me out of the blue to start searching for energy healing. No clue why. It hit me in the way becoming an artist hit me - just sitting at work and suddenly the super strong impulse to buy paint and canvas NOW overcame my very being even though I had no previous art education. Now I have my own dot and fluid artistry business. I like to call these impulses 'downloads' from the universe'. You know that's what they are because when you follow them the outcome always feels so satisfying and delicious.

A couple weeks after I signed up to take the beginner's Reiki course, I experienced some intense stress. Honestly, I had been going through consistent life stress for years - which I will discuss in other relevant posts - but there were particular triggers at this time that brought on physical symptoms. I began to break out with itchy red raised patches of skin - which I knew to be psoriasis. It started out with a small barely noticeable bump on the inside of my left elbow. I would scratch it from time to time and then it became bigger and more raised. Then I started to get itchiness on both sides of my neck and face around the upper and lower eyelids. The typical red plaques of psoriasis started to show up in all these areas and eventually became painful. I had a previous history of eczema but being a registered nurse, I knew I didn't need a doctor to point out my telltale signs OR what the treatments were. Admittedly, I panicked because I knew that if this became severe steroids would be in my future. I was already self conscious about the plaques and last thing I wanted was the steroid bloat!

As the stress ensued, I ended up in the ER with kidney stones and was sent home with narcotic level pain medication and Flomax. I was really mad at this point because I felt like I had been doing other things right. I was an avid meditator at this time and even healed myself of a condition I had for almost 9 years that doctors were unable to provide answers or treatment for. And I was beating myself up for "not doing better". Mind you, I had also cured myself of clinical depression and severe anxiety the previous year with meditation but, yet, my body was telling me there was more that needed to be addressed. I was still conditioned to several triggers that I have since overcome after I learned my lesson. That's how it all works. We continue to repeat things until we demonstrate we've learned. Then we move on. If we do not learn we keep seeing the same things in our lives or our bodies scream at us with illness and injury until we understand what we are really resistant towards in our lives.

One Sunday morning I woke up with severe itching all over my body. I already had several nights of terrible sleep because the itching was maddening and my arm and face were painful again. In absolute distress I phoned a Reiki healer in Dallas and explained my situation. She calmly listened and said she could do a distance session within the next 15 minutes. I had never had any type of energy work done before and I had not taken my class yet but I was willing to give this a try. I had no expectations at all. She simply told me to lay down in a comfortable place for 30 minutes. Well, I didn't lay down. I sat up in my bed because I was so worked up over how I was physically feeling. Within minutes I suddenly had this sensation of warmth and a gentle pressure on my shoulders as if to say, "You need to lay down and relax". So I did. This calm came over me that felt like it enveloped my entire body. I felt like I was sinking into my bed. Then I felt warmth over my arms. By the time the 30 minutes were over I had just about fallen asleep. I was SO relaxed and I felt completely different than the person who called her in distress less than an hour ago. I was incredibly grateful for the mental and emotional relief. And then I noticed something else - THE ITCHING HAD STOPPED. And within two days the patch on my arm was nearly gone. The rest on my face were gone too.

I went back to this Reiki healer - who is now a dear friend of mine- to work a little more on this because I knew this had an emotional root. I no longer have these patches. And it's just plain remarkable.

What I also understood later is that if you allow whatever stress you have in your life to overtake you repeatedly the symptoms can return. And this is where I employed my meditation skills again. Beating myself up for not 'preventing' this was self-defeating. I realized I was healing on a very deep level in LAYERS. And this was a very stubborn layer. I decided to clean up my diet on top of the Reiki healing/meditation combo as an added measure and my symptoms have not returned. Now if I ever get a twinge of itching I pay attention to what is happening around me and the thoughts. That is where I nip things in the bud.

I am so thankful for this lesson. Once I experienced this I knew I had to learn Reiki. It is so outside the realm of what I was taught as a nurse. But as a nurse I also know conditions like eczema and psoriasis have an 'unknown' cause. Doctors cannot tell you why it happens. And the kicker, there is no history of these things in my family. Same thing with the kidney stones I had! Genes are not the reason for disease. Scientists gave up this notion years ago but the public has not caught up with it. Stress - in its different forms - is the culprit. Reiki allows the body to do its amazing work and heal. The Reiki healer assists this process to occur on a very deep level. There is something so graceful and wonderful about having someone hold their attention to you with a focus on wellness. Additionally, learning to heal yourself from the inside out once a place of peace is established is a powerful combination that anyone can learn.

This is why I do what I do and love it.