Systems to Chakras Energy Reading Report and Analysis

Systems to Chakras Energy Reading Report and Analysis

Would you like to know which Chakras are the most blocked? Would you like to know the possible reasons underneath the emotions you keep cycling through? Would you like to know the possible metaphysical reasons that are contributing to your physical ailments? In this comprehensive report, Rosalyn lists all 12 body systems and reads into the subtle energy around them. She tells you to what degree each system is being affected by your internal and external environments, what Chakras are involved, how each system may present phsyically and the metaphsyical issues relating to the system. Then she does a cross-examination of the Chakras and give you an intuitive interpretation of the order of occurence of the Chakras in the reading. Additionally, she looks into how the masculine and feminine sides are showing up for each Chakra and what this may look like for you. Please allow 5-7 days from the date of purchase to complete your report and analysis. It will be emailed to you. This service provides a template for you to do your own inner work and can also be used as a 'check-in' to see how you are progressing. Discount packages are given to those who decide to do energy work with Rosalyn as well as discounts on reassessments of the original reading. As of August 2020, this service will become a prerequisite for working with Rosalyn in any of her packages. If you feel you need a diagnosis and treatment please seek care from a healthcare professional. Rosalyn's work is educational in nature and can be used in conjunction with any treatment or therapy you are utilizing. You are responsible for how you use any information received from her sessions. Your purchase of this service indicates that you understand these terms.
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    This service is prepaid only. There are no refunds as each report can take up to 1.5 hours to complete.