Distance Reiki session

Reiki (energy healing) is a means of facilitating the movement of stuck, unconscious energy that is contributing to mental/emotional issues and physical ailments. This is based on the premises that everything is energy and, therefore, any condition or manifestation occurs in energy first. Quantum entanglement and entrainment allows for this energy work to take place anywhere in the world.


Once you purchase a session, contact me via email or phone to set up a date/time. I will send you the rest of the details via email. The first 30 minutes of the session is the actual healing time. You will have a video-conference link in the email for our feedback session and discuss what can be done based upon the findings. Total session time: 60 minutes.


Rosalyn's services are not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you need a diagnosis and treatment please seek care from a healthcare professional. Rosalyn's work is educational in nature and can be used in conjunction with any treatment or therapy you are utilizing. You are responsible for how you use any information received from her sessions. Your purchase of this service indicates that you understand these terms.