Changing Habits Energy Clearing Audio Recording

Rosalyn takes you through a guided meditation to clear stuck, unconscious energy relating to what is holding you back from changing your personal habits. This session will focus on energies that are blocking your motivation or causing you to procrastinate. Rosalyn attunes to the energy of the group prior to and during the session. She addresses common threads of the participants including but not limited to - fears, shame, mindset, generational issues, etc. If you would like more in-depth work, then please contact Rosalyn for an individual session.


*Rosalyn’s services are not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you need a diagnosis and treatment please seek care from a healthcare professional. Her services are educational in nature and can be used in conjunction with any treatment you are currently utilizing. You are solely responsible for how you use the information received from any of her services. Your request and purchase of this reading/report indicates that you understand these terms.