What's included:

1. Thorough intuitive read into the subtle energy in and around your body. Report takes approximately 90+ minutes to complete.

2. Twelve body systems measured, what Chakras are affected, how this may present physically, and metaphysical reasons (may include past lives)

3. Cross examination of the Chakras - my intuitive interpretation of the occurrence of the Chakras in the reading (IE. What is the significance of your Heart Chakra showing up 8 times?)

4. A look into the Masculine and Feminine energies according to your reading (what are the wounds?)

How can you benefit:

-You may already be doing your own Chakra/inner work. It can help to know what your current baseline is.

-You may have certain things in mind you already want to address. Knowing energetically where this is for you and what could be behind it may help accelerate your breakthroughs.

-You could be struggling with a physical issue and it seems like you're not getting anywhere. I have a number of clients like this. Since all things occur in energy first, this report can shed some light into what has shifted energetically. You can also see what to address to prevent physical issues from happening.

-Looking at Masculine/Feminine energies can help you see where you can achieve balance. Healing M/F wounds can hep restore power (energy) to where you need it most.

Many of my clients who have worked with me know that my work is done solely from an energy perspective. It doesn't matter the issue, the principles of energy are universal. And since everything occurs in energy first, results are much faster. One client said, "I feel like I am in an accelerated healing program. Like warp speed."


"This reading served many purposes and gave confirmation. It opened me up to realizing some things I have felt but did not quite understand, as well as understanding why some thing are challenging for me. 

- MA, US


"Rosalyn's ability to tune into the energy of my Chakras was extremely accurate and helpful....I have read through my report three times and each time I continue to get more information!!!"

- TX, US