Introducing - Energy 360

You are a multidimensional being. Over the course of your lifetime you have evolved and grown. Even the physical body you are in now was not the same one you had years ago!

Now that you understand that everything is energy and energy is everything, you might be wondering...

how do i master my energy?

how do i continue to self heal?

how do i create my best life?

imagine that your whole life is a pie with each pie slice representing a different aspect of your life - family, career, health, etc.  your energy has weaved through and created each piece of the pie in the way it presents today. what if there was a way to change the energy so that each piece reflects your true intentions and vision?

this program is created to do just that! I have taken years of experience and created a succinct way to elevate the vibration in a holistic method. this comprehensive, self-paced online format is formulated to take the energy healing process through each aspect of your life to increase awareness and transform your energy to produce your long awaited results. each class will discuss how generations before you affect your life currently and how your money is tied into every piece of the pie. elevating the vibration of each piece will then change the trajectory of all other pieces - including your abundance!

The pieces of the pie are as follows:

Health and Vitality

Relationships and Growth

Home and Family

Career and Business

Your circle and Alliances

Purpose and Fulfillment

Dreams and Innovation

Self-Image and Alignment

And you get a Bonus slice on PAST LIVES!

get ready to dive into your energy field in a way you never have before and experience the rapid results! 

click through the slideshow to see in detail what this program has to offer...

the launch date for the program is thursday, october 8, 2020. the first video will be up in the exclusive facebook group.

here is what is included:

8 classes/8 comprehensive energy clearings

1 bonus class on past lives with an energy clearing

8 live support calls for questions/energy check-ins

exercises/affirmations for each class topic

one energy calibration report upon enrolling - click for an 

access to all the clearings in my 'inner work database' (reserved for coaching/mentoring clients)

30% off all 90 minute private sessions for the first 16 weeks of the program

total value is > $4000 for the 18 weeks!

since this is my launch i am offering a founding member's price of $1750 (one time payment) which includes one free private 90 minute session with me.

the end date for this offer is October 1st, 2020!

there is also a payment plan for this launch at $499/month for four months.


to purchase these "Founding Members'" rates click here:

after october 1st, the price will increase to:

$2497 one time payment


$674 month for 4 months


terms and conditions:

Rosalyn's services are not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you need a diagnosis and treatment, please seek care from a healthcare professional. results vary and are dependent upon the individual.

Refunds cannot be given once access is granted to the exclusive facebook group.

discounted private sessions are subject to availability.

content is copyrighted and not to be redistributed without the expressed permission of rosalyn santos.