Rosalyn Santos is a an Energy Healer, Coach, Psychic Medium and RN. Her 20-year experience in hospitals, doctors' offices, wellness clinics, and telephone triage have prepared her for this unique healing modality. Although this is quite different from what she was taught in Western medicine, her personal journey in mental, emotional, and physical healing has helped her fully understand the search for alternative and holistic approaches that her own clients seek. Rosalyn now provides services and guidance with the methods that have transformed her life. She has made it her mission to show others how they can heal themselves and ultimately master their energy to their greatest advantage. She now mentors other healers and those who desire to develop their intuitive and healing abilities.

Rosalyn has a wide variety of services and most of the work is done remotely which allows her to work with anyone across the globe. She has worked with adults and children, as well as whole families. She also works on animals. Rosalyn offers classes, workshops and online programs. You can check her Events and Pricing/Plans page for more details.

Below is a video about what led her down her path. 


Thank you for watching! Let me know what questions you have. I look forward to working with you!